Saturday, October 23, 2010

watch for immitations being sold along side Savvy Sniper slings

I guess again we have to warn others, that our slings are still being sold along side stolen designs of our exact sling w/ our logo next to the "fakes". Remember, do not buy a sling if it doesn't have a Savvy Sniper logo on it, and more importantly, when at gun shows, only buy from SNAKE RUN at the vendor shows. The other vendors are selling stolen cheap knockoffs. And only buy from our dealers listed, or contact us for confirming if you'd like. We do not guarantee these stolen knockoffs and they are so cheaply made they shred the nylon after a few uses. Because of them imitating our company, we are trying to warn customers that these are not our slings, but stolen designs and knockoffs from a company who thrives from stealing from other businesses and deceiving customers. We do not have a dealer in the Wadsworth Ohio area, or anywhere near that area. You will only find stolen cheap versions of our sling there along w/ a store full of other poorly made stolen designs. It is as pathetic as it sounds.

Monday, September 20, 2010

GUN SHOW vendor dates for Savvy Sniper Slings

Look for Chris at the Snake Run Vendors table. He is the ONLY other Savvy Sniper Dealer at this time selling our slings at the gun shows. The rest that do not have our "SAVVY SNIPER" logo sewn into the material but a "made in america" are all fakes and rip offs of our sling that are made of cheap parts. Chris is a good guy to deal with and he will help you. Don't buy the fakes for pennies less. Buy the good stuff that will last, is actually made in America, supports our american families honest hard work and investments in our small businesses. When you support us, you support our store's future, our family, our farm, our local small village's post office, our bank and all of our dealers who also have stores to keep going and families to feed. This is hard earned money going to good people.

See Snake Run's vendor's table at these Gun show's below:

Sept. 25/26 Summit Co Fairgrounds in Akron Ohio.
Oct 2/3 Eastwood Mall Niles Ohio.
Oct. 9/10 Medina Co Fairgrounds Medina Ohio.
Oct. 16/17 Dick Walters Show Euclid (might be at this show, but not likely)
Oct. 23/24 Cuyahoga Co Fairgrounds Berea Ohio
Oct. 30/31 Summit Co Fairgounds Akron Ohio.
Nov. 6/7 Eastwood Mall Niles Ohio.
Nov. 13/14 PGCA Tarentum PA.
Nov. 20/21 Dick Walters show Euclid Ohio (might again not make this one)
Dec. 4/5 Eastwood Mall Niles Ohio.
Dec. 11/12 Medina Co Fairgrounds Medina Ohio.
Dec. 18/19 Summit Co Fairgrounds Akron Ohio.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

August 14-15 2010 New Philadelphia Ohio Gun show

We will be at the New Philadelphia gun show August 14-15 2010. There will be great deals on our slings and have the good company of the Surefire/Evan's Group Reps next to us. Don't miss out. We're happy to be selling our slings on our own home turf of Tuscarawas County, Ohio!
See details on

Aug 12, 2010 Hamilton County, South West Ohio SWAT Challenge

August 12, 2010 Brian will be at the SWOSC Hamilton County Cincinnatti, Ohio SWAT challenge.
Check it out at

Friday, August 6, 2010

Aug. 7-8th We will be at Franklin County Veterans Memorial

August 7-8th 2010 We will be at the Franklin County veteran's memorial gun show at 300 West Broad Street, Columbus OH. Get a $1 off coupon at to get in the show. We will have great deals and be ready to help anyone out w/ setting up their weapons with our slings. Our QUAD sling will be on sale for $55 out the door, while at the show only!!
Hope to see you all there~

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Westland Gun Show, Columbus Ohio July 24-25th

The Savvy Sniper booth will be at the Westland Gun Show in Columbus Ohio on July 24th & 25th. There might be a chance we won't set up Sunday. If you're going there for a sling or advice, try to be there on Sat. There will be a stock of QUAD slings available for purchase at a sale price! This sale is good only for the gun show, so make sure to get your hind-ends there for a killer deal before they're gone! Accessories and other items will also be in stock.
It doesn't matter if you have no clue on how to set up your weapon with a good sling. Brian will be there to help and suggest how to best run your weapon w/ a tactical sling set up. (or other) If you have no idea what you need or what to get, just take a good photo or bring your gun, and he will hook you up w/ the sweetest sling set up for your weapon.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Not Available for orders or contact June 5th to June11 2010

We will not be available to work on orders/ship out/ or respond to phone/emails from June 5th to June 11th. Please contact one of our dealers to order a quad sling. If you need to get a hold of us please call 330-340-7929 and leave a message. If you want to order and don't mind waiting a bit, please email us at write your contact/mailing address and tell me your order if you know what you need. (on quad slings tell me the color and if you shoot right or left handed and what attachment points u prefer) I will hold in the order they came in and respond back for payment details and/or answers to questions on June 12th.

Friday, May 21, 2010

May 24th on Monday OTOA SWAT conference and Vendor's show

Brian will be at the Vendor's show at the OTOA SWAT Conference this Monday May 24th 2010 in Westlake Ohio. He will be with the Surefire and Trijicon guys goofing off and causing a ruckus.

Friday, May 14, 2010

We Will Be at New Phila NEW TOWNE Mall May 15,16

Hey all,
Brian will be at the New Phila "New Towne Mall" Gun show this weekend in Ohio on May 15 and 16th with some pals from the Evan's Group. But it appears there is absolutely no advertising or signs that he could find. So he doesn't expect much of an event.. It's local and his pals will be there, so you'll find some good stuff between all of them there. It's likely he'll end up with ants in his pants and jet on Sunday. Too much to do and not enough time to keep up.. So Saturday's a better bet to catch him.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Come see us at...

See us at Moundsville West Virginia Mock Prison Riot, May 3, 4 &5th. This week!! Brian will be set up at the vendor's show, next to The Surefire Booth. We will be doing a night shoot with suppressor demo with the Surefire guys on Monday night at 5:30pm at the indoor Moundsville Range. Come and check it out and play with the slings and accessories for weapons.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

NEW Gun Show dates

Someone here messed up and put the incorrect dates for our next show, and it wasn't his wife.. So here's the corrected dates for our upcomming gun show booths:
April 10-11 Westland Gun Show, Columbus Ohio
April 17-18 Medina Gun Show, Medina Ohio

Monday, March 29, 2010

New Benelli Sling

Just finished up getting another sling ready for the Benelli lovers out there. If you have any questions or comments let us know. It's a combination of the QUAD and SAW slings changed up for the Benelli shotgun. We tested it for comfort with and without the quick disconnects and found it to be better off without the added buckles. If anyone wants them included it can be done, no problem. It works well but anything added to the backside of a sling for the shotgun will bring some discomfort if not wearing layers on your neck. Most Benelli owners also do not want anything scraping against their weapon. We made sure to make a priority the significance and relevant aspects of our slings with out over doing it.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Share Photos

From one of your very happy customers. See ya at the next show. I heard about your new setup cant wait to see what you came up with sounds really GLOVE friendly.. I've got you guys posted up on Facebook. And a pic up on MAJOR MALFUNCTION'S MUNITIONS with a Savvy Sniper logo on the sling front and center.. Tim

Friday, March 5, 2010

Send us your Photos!

hello all,.
We are new to this blog thing, so help us out. We thought it would be a beneficial tool to help communicate ideas and show off weapons, slings and unique set-ups. Send us your photos w/ explanation and we'll get the ball rolling.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Upcoming Shows

Come and see us at:

Mar 13-14 2010 Medina, Coummunity Ctr. Co. Fairgrounds, Ohio
Mar 27-28 2010 Columbus, The Ohio Expo Center
April 17-18 2010 Hilliard Gun Show Franklin County Fairgrounds, Ohio

Welcome to the Savvy Sniper blog

We intend to use this blog to provide information to our users and others who might be interested in our products. We will also announce the shows we will be intending.