Saturday, October 23, 2010

watch for immitations being sold along side Savvy Sniper slings

I guess again we have to warn others, that our slings are still being sold along side stolen designs of our exact sling w/ our logo next to the "fakes". Remember, do not buy a sling if it doesn't have a Savvy Sniper logo on it, and more importantly, when at gun shows, only buy from SNAKE RUN at the vendor shows. The other vendors are selling stolen cheap knockoffs. And only buy from our dealers listed, or contact us for confirming if you'd like. We do not guarantee these stolen knockoffs and they are so cheaply made they shred the nylon after a few uses. Because of them imitating our company, we are trying to warn customers that these are not our slings, but stolen designs and knockoffs from a company who thrives from stealing from other businesses and deceiving customers. We do not have a dealer in the Wadsworth Ohio area, or anywhere near that area. You will only find stolen cheap versions of our sling there along w/ a store full of other poorly made stolen designs. It is as pathetic as it sounds.

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