Saturday, August 6, 2011

Help a young girl with a brain tumor

Sorry for the lack of keeping up with things here lately. We have been busy trying to re-locate. All is going well with the business though and it's time that we get back into the swing of things regarding something more important. We have a daughter of a really good person who needs help. She is one of Brian's friends he works with here in Tuscarawas County, Ohio. Please read below..

Brian's co-worker Carol has worked 2, sometimes 3 jobs to support her children as a single mom. She is currently employed at the Tuscarawas County sheriff's office as a 911/sheriff dispatcher for the past 6 and a half years. She recently had to quit her 2nd job due to one of her daughters recent diagnosis.
Carol and her 17 year old daughter Karizma reside in New Philadelphia Ohio. She also has an 18 year old daughter who will be a freshman at Kent State University of Ohio, and a 10 year old brother who will be in 5th grade.
17 year old Karizma will be a Senior at New Philadelphia High School and plans on attending college to pursue a law degree. Karizma had been experiencing severe headaches for the last year and was diagnosed with a brain tumor in June of 2011. She is now scheduled for surgery to remove the tumor. Although she faces an uncertain future, Karizma has remained very positive throughout the past couple months. She is continuing to smile and keep her carefree attitude even with having this life threatening situation.

Doctors are optimistic that they will be able to remove the tumor, but at this point future treatment and surgeries are unknown. She will be going to surgery 4 days after school begins on August 29th 2011.
We wanted to help the family so we decided to give $5 to Carol for each sling we sell at retail price from our store for the month of August. We are also giving free shipping (to USA) on all slings bought at retail right now to help motivate customers, just mention Karizma's story.

You don't have to buy a sling to help this family. If you would like to help Carol's family in your own way, please contact us and we will provide you with her address.

Thanks for listening,
Erin & Brian

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